Software for TM1

Discover our software for TM1

Boost your TM1 developments without compromising on quality.

The application lifecycle management software for IBM Planning Analytics / TM1.

Slice is fast, easy to install, connected directly to the TM1 REST API, works over the internet, has built-in support for hierarchies, supports existing reports built-in Perspectives and formula mode in PA for Excel.

Connect cloud systems. Build AI infused planning solutions. Automate periodic tedious tasks.

Software for FP&A and Investment Solutions

Discover our software for FP&A and Investment Solutions

Apliqo FPM

Apliqo FPM offers entreprise-level analysis at scale. An intuitive piece of software that manages the complexity of your organisation and pulls out the key insights that truly make a difference.

Apliqo OPM

Apliqo OPM enables increased operational agility and rapid decision-making that can move the needle for your organization. By gaining a deep understanding of how your operational workflows affect your results, you’ll be in a great position to adjust course and hold your team accountable for your long-term strategic imperatives.

Apliqo CC

Manage the complexity of statutory consolidations with ease thanks to a unified view of your regulatory financials and your management accounts – all housed in one place. This web native tool adapts to your organization and offers best practice frameworks for accuracy and transparency – getting you the results that you need.

Apliqo IFRS 16

Don’t get caught out by the complexity of IFRS 16. With the Apliqo IFRS 16 module, you can integrate all the required information and perform the relevant calculations under one roof, leveraging the power of IBM Planning Analytics.

LP Portfolio Management

Apliqo’s Portfolio Management product offers an intuitive and dynamic analytics platform for private market investors. Instead of relying solely on Excel models that are prone to error and centralisation, a dedicated reporting tool helps to unify all your data and provide transparent performance measurement, relevant benchmarking and powerful projections.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is an investing methodology that attempts to estimate the intrinsic value of an asset by looking at various external factors. The core principle behind this is that any asset does not operate in isolation. Rather, it finds itself as a component nested in wider systems, such as industries, sectors, countries, and global supply chains. By understanding these factors and how they relate to a particular investment, we can estimate the long-term price implications and thus the investment potential.