Support is not just about "support".

We believe Support is rather about providing continuous improvement.

Any user issues experienced in the front-end (via Excel using Perspectives or TM1 Web) will be proactively exposed within Pulse for TM1, and notified to you (client) and Cubewise via alert notifications in near real time. As a result, issues can be proactively investigated and relevant fixes applied reducing the downtime for the user(s) by a large margin.

What we have seen and experienced, as part of an initial phase of any new application, as new users get trained and onboarded there is immense value add to an organization. 

But as users use the system over time, there are plenty of “moments of innovation” that happen, and due to evolving business processes and their respective complexities and timelines users often take those processes outside of the system and into Excel (for example). Providing support for issues raised as a result in a reactive “traditional” way sure can address the immediate matter, but it leads to possible risks in achieving the main objective of gaining continued system value over time. Instead, with the help of Pulse for TM1 and the valuable and rich information it provides, the possibility of those innovations can be further reviewed and thereby implemented back into the system or in some cases users can get further trained.

Pulse is at the nucleus of driving these continuous improvements forward. With Pulse’s capability to store historical information, key performance indicators and insights can help drive “Continuous Improvement Metrics” to be reported on a recurring basis and be compared against a baseline ensuring there is continuous improvement across the TM1 ecosystem. This vital information can then become part of continuous review cycle, making improvement initiatives from month to month, helping gain efficiencies, streamlining code, and removing any redundancies. With this continuous improvement lifecycle, we believe Cubewise CARE clients can have comfort that their TM1 and Planning Analytics (PA) environments are being “observed and remedied” at all times.