We've been supporting TM1 applications for a while and we heard a few stories

Do any of these resonate with you?

Debbie is a TM1 Administrator at XYZ company, and has become a TM1 champion over the years. But sadly she wonders if she can ever go on that long standing holiday break without worrying about the system?!

Debbie, we hear you! You can rely on obtaining support assistance during your absence with Cubewise CARE and its experienced TM1 consultants. 

Our consultants who’ll have prior knowledge of your model (knowledge and review sessions performed at the start of the CARE engagement), processes and reporting environment will be responsible to conduct the initial diagnosis & respond to business users directly with respect to their respective problems or issues. Our consultants who have real-life project experience across different customers, different scenarios and having delivered solutions should give you the comfort of knowing that all support requests will be addressed effectively and efficiently. We’ll strive to improve application performance and user experience using our battle tested software toolsets and best practices throughout. Don’t worry Debbie, you can now have your much-needed work life balance!

“Linda is an IT Manager at 123 group and is responsible for managing systems including TM1. Although, she has an experienced TM1 SME within the team but is looking to expand knowledge of her organization’s TM1 systems to address management’s concerns on possible single point of failures? She constantly wonders what would happen if this SME leaves the company?”

Linda, this is quite a common concern and we understand your concern. With Cubewise CARE’s managed services, we’ll take responsibility for your full TM1 environment where you can have the peace of mind, while we’ll relieve your concerns and fit to your organization’s requirements in managing your TM1 application ecosystem. Cubewise consultants who support a portfolio of other customers around the globe will be part of a team in managing these environments. Where applicable, with a designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who has prior knowledge of your TM1 model, you can further leverage Cubewise’s TM1 expertise and knowledge to streamline your TM1 needs.

Such an approach will enable achievement of highest efficiency and effectiveness when defining requirements and doing future developments and enhancements. Ensuring the longevity and maximising uptime of your systems and applications will be critical but also helping facilitate opportunities to constantly progress and make continuous improvements to the TM1 environment pro-actively will be equally important. This pro-active approach with the intent of continuously driving improvements and enhancements to the TM1 system helped largely by Pulse for TM1 software will be at the forefront of delivering these managed services. 

In short, we’ll be the single point of service in managing your TM1 and Planning Analytics environments ensuring and enabling them to become sustainably competent.

“Travis is a Business analyst at ABC corporation, and feels that he needs constant help during peak times especially during month end activities while juggling other conflicting business deadlines?”

Travis, you are not alone!

With Cubewise CARE’s capability of providing support globally, and with consultants who are focused 100% on TM1, we are always ready to address your raised issues/requests as per your needs.

With pre-defined arrangements especially around those peak times, you can be rest assured that you’ll have the much needed assistance at hand to help mitigate around those tight deadlines. Per your business requirements in coordination with a Technical Account Manager (TAM), we can even help arrange initiatives to meet your month end objectives while ensuring there is business continuity without any possible risks or impact to those deadlines.